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Waiting on God to decide or rationalizing fear?

Making a life changing decision isn’t about what God wants us to do. Prayer is a wonderful way to discern and ask for guidance in our lives. That is totally different than when we try to use fearful thought patterns to cover up for trauma we’ve experienced or rationalizations we create. What we are truly experiencing is a level of fear of the unknown. The key is to believe in yourself, create the peace/joy you deserve and have the faith that God is with you no matter what. He doesn’t disappear based upon one decision or another. He’s not an ultimatum kind of God. He is a loving God and is always there through it all.

You could be a person who has an addiction, healing from childhood trauma, in the midst of a separation/divorce and/or overcoming a loss. Finding your peace is not selfish, but one of the most selfless steps you can take. When we are full of grace that fullness allows us to be able to pour into others with unconditional love more easily.

He wants us to be overwhelmed with joy, peace and happiness in our lives. If you’re waiting for Him to decide for you, then you’ll be waiting forever. He gave us free will to make our own decisions. Believe in yourself and not the toxic negativity in your mind. God calls us by our name, not by what shames us. Sacrificing for others is not self-sabotaging ourselves with addiction, believing we deserve unhappiness, thinking that God wants miserable/abusive marriages or that grief can’t be overcome.

What I’ve come to understand and discover in my life is that the beauty of the human experience is the imperfect lives we live. A life that is fraught with good and bad choices. There are moments in our lives when we choose wrong for one reason or another. It doesn’t mean we are prisoner to that choice and try to create a martyrdom complex to justify it. We may have been traumatized into this train of thought by unhappy people because of their lack of self-love and unhealed trauma.

The trials of our wrong choices are what helps us grow, learn and accept our faults which ultimately gives us the courage to conquer them. God not only walks alongside us when we make the correct choices, but the bad ones too. He’s standing beside us straightening out the crooked lines of our choices so that we can reach the eternal peace that Heaven provides. The key is to TRUST that God will be there to go through it all with you and to know that suffering is not his will, overcoming it is!

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