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Will To Change

Change happens through introspection and vulnerability. Work towards taking responsibility for your actions and be willing to forgive yourself. In that moment, you experience a progression - your next step forward - because you have taken control of your responses. A time where anger, guilt, resentment and shame do not dictate your actions. This future offers acceptance and the peace you seek must come from within yourself.

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Who Am I ?

As a divorced father of 4, I had to invest the time to rediscover so much of who I was. For years, I had been lost to the world. I was hiding under layers of shame, guilt, fear and anxiety. One of the first things that helped turn me around was the discovery of my faith. Whether God plays a part in your healing or not, I’ve found that hope, happiness, peace and joy was the key to reclaiming my identity that was misplaced for so long.

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About The Podcast and Blog

The podcast and blog were created to build and inspire a community of support and connection for hurting and wounded souls.  I share my story to encourage others to share their stories. Each of us has uniquely lived through loss and heartache.  We have our own story. Through sharing, we seek connection to strengthen and support each other. Whether you’re going through your loss now or looking back on the hard times - I hope that you will find this a community of refuge.

My experience will cover many aspects of life and the journey for me started after divorce.  This will specifically include topics of brokenness, co-parenting, self-love, and relationships. I’m not an expert on any of these topics, just trying to embrace the beautiful and difficult moments of life after heartbreak.  In sharing from my life experiences, I hope to educate, prevent and help others navigate the toxic wastelands that life can throw our way.  I encourage you to lean into discussion - both on and off the site. Through our mutual sharing, I believe that we can celebrate each other through the journey of healing. Don't forget to register as a member and contribute to the blog. Please use the contact form below if you are interested in sharing your story with us.

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